Learn How To Prepare an Emotionally-Enticing, Market Ready Property That WOWS

This comprehensive, 200+ page, picture-filled guide will lead you through the ins and outs of the home preparation process in a manageable, easy-to-follow, DIY format giving you a physical blueprint to an emotionally-enticing, Market Ready Property. It includes the same room-by-room formulaic checklists used by professionals to ensure that you cover EVERYTHING you need in presenting a property that WOWS from the very first step.

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"I almost didn't buy this book. Only one review that had no real description and it seemed a bit expensive at $20. I've spent (too much) money on staging books lately, trying to get my home ready to put on the market. My husband and I can handle it ourselves, we just need to know what to do!

Here in Dallas (suburb), there are alot of McMansions to compete against my very small, simple but clean and well maintained home. I am wanting to get as much as possible on the sale of my home. I want people to fall in love with my little home! I'm not a stager, not a real estate agent, and not a decorator. I dont even have any talented family to help me out! I need all the help I can get!

The book is in 3 sections. Section 1: The Guide. Section 2: The Workbook. Section 3: The Handy Helper

In section 1 - The GUIDE
There's great coverage on figuring out the buyers for your neighborhood, assessing the value of your homes, and what people find desirable in a home. I loved that list-- I actually had things in my home on that list that I would never have considered desirable! I admit, I am not comfortable with the smudging/saging part. A little too new-agey feeling for me. Instead, I am choosing to anoint and bless my home and property with a covering of prayers.

I also was debating in my head how important the curb appeal REALLY is. My yard is well maintained, but she really explained the importance of the front and back yard staging. How can I show them how awesome the inside is, if they wont stop at the outside? I've added a few inexpensive things to my to-do list that she suggested that I really do believe will make a huge difference!

She also covers something I really struggle with in my home. NEUTRALIZE / DEPERSONALIZE. I have THREE teenage boys! I know that to compete with the houses in my area, I really have to take the teenage boy OUT of those 3 rooms. It's alot harder than it sounds! The smells. The posters on the walls, junk everywhere... it's BAD. I need to neutralize/depersonalize the heck out of those rooms!
She covers the usuals too-- declutter, packing, cleaning, etc... I think most of that is common sense and really appreciated the fact she didn't waste too much on this. Every staging book covers that, and I think it's pretty common sense.

The book is FULL of pictures and examples. I am a visual learner. I need examples. Telling me how to arrange the books means nothing-- SHOWING me examples of how the books are arranged makes sense!

PART 2-- the workbook.

I would have bought the book for JUST this section.
Ok, every staging book I have read seems to have some kind of checklist. I usually ignore them. THIS WORKBOOK is actually awesome! It covers every room. I'm a girl that makes lists, and it's like she took my mental list and put it down on paper, word for word. It reminds me a bit of flylady but for selling your home.

PART 3-- the handy helper.
How to have a successful open house, finishing touches, last minute things to be completely ready for showings. How to create designer looks for less, the top 7 styling secrets, and lots of lists. Also a good section.

Finally-- she does this for a living. I expected countless plugs for her business and a statement that it is impossible to do right without her. She didn't. I truly felt like I was getting wonderful advice from a pro. I really felt like she told us EVERYTHING we needed to know to stage our homes ourselves. I even emailed her with a simple question and she was great!

Yes, totally worth the $20. My only wish is that it would also come in printed format-- something I believe is going to happen soon. I will likely purchase another copy just to have it printed.

Amazon Review by joyfulheart1