Hi. I'm Michelle. 

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Hello there new friend! 


My name is Michelle Cloney and for as long as I can remember I've been passionate about all things home and well-being. As a child, I was constantly rearranging my room, changing its colors {shades of purple or pink}, all the while putting forth a ton of energy into making sure it reflected my personality and what made me feel good.


Whether it was hanging posters of Boy George, picking out my 1980’s slick white lacquer furniture complete with built-in lighting, or drawing chalk floorplans in our neighborhood cul-de-sac, I always cared a great deal about how my surroundings made me feel.

I can remember dozens if not more experiences in which I wanted to create the perfectly balanced and cozy environment. A place that felt just right. My interest in home and design has woven itself into many aspects of my life since then and supports my underlying belief that we are all here to express our unique selves and that we are at our best when we feel free to do so. The most natural place to experience this inner freedom is at home.

let's be instafriends

let's be instafriends

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My two favorite activities: gardening and creating happy, uplifting spaces. Here's a look into my home staging & design portfolio.

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"When I hired Michelle as a personal organizer seven months ago, I thought I was bringing someone into my home to streamline my papers, structure my office space and purge the unnecessary objects that were cluttering my home.  In reality, I found, in Michelle, a powerful catalyst for creativity, clarity and a friend who has empowered me to take action. 

I looked to Michelle to help make sense of the clutter, and in turn, Michelle helped me make sense of my life.  She has been a powerful, yet understated, catalyst for personal change.  Organizing my “things” first required understanding my situation, my outlook and the context in which the “things” occupy my life.  In turn, Michelle helped me evaluate my daily activities, my needs, my priorities and even my personal value system.  By investigating the underlying meaning and purpose of my “things”, Michelle helped me assess myself.  I uncovered a great deal of mental clutter that had prevented me from living the life I intended.  Now, I am infused with a sense of purposeful optimism and a clearer sense of my goals, roles, and next steps." 

JULIE DESJARDINS, Organizing Client
Los Angeles, CA