[housepath]  n.  a dwelling or shelter + a direction in which something is moving

When you walk through your front door, do you feel as though you're being greeted with a welcoming hug from one of your closest friends or loved ones?


Do you feel a sense of peace and nourishment wash over you after your hectic day outside?


Do you feel energized and happy to be home?


Do you feel inspired?

If not, you can. 


It's not only possible -- BUT ESSENTIAL -- if we are to fully recharge from the exhaustive demands of the outside world. 


It's time to reboot.






It's time to get out of overwhelm and into out hearts. And our environments can assist us in experiencing a more heart-centered way of being. 


Let's get our environment supporting us in a way that says YES! to the person we're meant to be, the life we're meant to live. This is the time when it is essential to realign with our inner voice if we are to show up fully and authentically in the outside world. 


 Housepath Home is about creating the fertile ground to make it happen. 


My hope through sharing this concept is that you may find the inspiration and guidance you need in cultivating that life-affirming, soul-stirring environment in which you can THRIVE.  Live on your terms. With your inner voice leading.