I know because I’ve been there.


My name is Michelle Cloney and a little over a decade ago I went out searching for more. There I was, building a successful Professional Organizing business, immersed in personal development and surrounded by what would appear to be a very nice life. A degree in Economics from University of Virginia, a handful of years under my belt living in London, DC, New York and Los Angeles, good friends, good family, good health. The list was being checked off.

Everything looked very good.

But in my heart, I knew something was missing.

The truth is, I was feeling very disconnected. I knew in my bones I was on the right path and yet something was unsettled. I wanted more. There was a deep yearning for a more authentic experience – a way of Showing Up and experiencing my life in a way that wasn’t happening.

And then one day I came up with an idea!

Through my work as a Professional Organizer it had become crystal clear how transformational it was for people to become organized. I was also well along my spiritual path immersed in a Masters Program in Spiritual Psychology at The University of Santa Monica in California.  In fact, the entire reason I joined the Masters program was so that I would be better equipped to deal with my organizing clients'  "inner" clutter that invariably accompanied their physical clutter. 

I became fascinated with mixing the two fields together – specifically wondering how intention, decluttering and design could work hand in hand for more impactful and personally fulfilling results. With this in mind, I designed a very personal experiment to see how my life would change by living in a very tiny space with some BIG intentions.




What I’ve discovered along my JOY-rney is a process that I hope will change the way you look at your relationship with your environment forever. All it requires is an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to do the work that any lasting change requires. 

 What is Housepath Home? 

Housepath Home is a concept I came up with following my decade-long exploration of home.

It's about designing our life and environment from the inside out. It is in deciding what we want to experience in our environment FIRST, and then transforming our environment to support that vision, SECOND.


Less about the end result, and more about the journey. 

Think vision board on steroids: surrounding us in every nook, every cranny, every day.

It’s similar to having goals. If we don’t write them down and consistently put them in front of us, we won't know where we are going nor how to go about getting there. Housepath Home is the practice of evaluating and reevaluating how we desire to experience our life in our space, and then taking inspired action in that direction consistently, in slow drips, over time.

This is NOT about end results, having the perfectly decorated space, or an overly organized and tidy home, or one that sparkles from corner to corner. It IS in creating the perfectly YOU-nique environment in which you feel fully ALIVE in mind, body and soul. 

 Who Is This For? 

This might be for you if:

  • Your well-being has become your last priority

  • You are looking for more connection in your daily life

  • Your home causes you to feel anxious and overwhelmed

  • You know you have too much stuff and don’t know where to begin

  • You may be questioning whether there is another way of living that could be more personally fulfilling

  • You’ve already tried every home organizing method in the book, studied the gurus, DO feel frequent periods of purpose, joy and peace, yet still feel a sense of OVERWHELM, especially when it comes to your home

  • Whether it’s an outer circumstance; an unfulfilling job, a toxic relationship or anything else that you are feeling is out of alignment with who you really are; you are ready to make change

  • You simply want to get more from your space by integrating proven design principles into its design

Want to learn more? 

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