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Michelle Cloney



currently rooted: Herndon, VA

occupation: home coach, realtor, entrepreneur
undergrad: University of Virginia, BA in Economics
grad: University of Santa Monica, 2 yr Spiritual Psychology
my housepath: 

b. Reston, VA
Charlottesville, VA
Madrid, SPAIN
Puerto de Santa Maria, SPAIN
Oxford, UK
London, UK
Falls Church, VA
Arlington, VA
Ballston, VA
New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Reston, VA 
Herndon, VA
(and this is what we call a full circle housepath!)


current dwelling: 1870s Victorian Farmhouse

dwellers: daughter and dad (part time)
daughter: Lucie Lorena 

my zenden: the garden
her zenden: the dance floor
design aesthetic: ecclectic/happy/color

favorite domestic activity: cleaning counters

least favorite domestic activity: dishes
how I start my day: glass of water, then coffee, then walk

how I end my day: something uplifting
favorite seed: spirit
currently tending: nourishment

hobby cultivating: gardening

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