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One way to think about our home is as if it were a garden. We want to tend each area of our home as it relates to our life if we are to show up in full bloom. So why not put a little extra love and intention into each area of our home and well-being on a specific day of the week? A daily drip. Actually schedule it in, and turn our self-care into a practice, a habit, a way of life.


These areas once broken down are:

Connection, Expression, Play, Physical Self-Care, Nourishment, Rest, Spirit, Love.


.  Like anything that's meant to grow and flourish, the first step is in planting the seed. In this case, the seed being the vision we create for our life at home if we could design it. Let that sink in. 


We need to ask ourselves on a deeply personal level, what would our ideal home experience look and feel like as it relates to each area of our well-being?


A replenishing, good night's rest? True authentic connection where we feel seen, valued and heard and vice versa?  Living life grounded in our unique creativity?  What does play even mean to us at this stage in our lives?  Do we give ourselves permission for it?


These are just a few of the questions we don't ask ourselves nearly enough, yet are the very ones that can make the difference between living life on purpose or autopilot. I've lived both ways, and there's palpable difference in every step.


As the saying goes, if we don't know where we are going, how do we plan on getting there? 


The Homewheel provides the framework and path for growth, our Housepath Home.

We want to get it moving. 


Step 1.
Define Your Vision.


How do we want to experience each area of our home according to its intended purpose? What would time well spent look and feel like at home if we could design it in our ideal world?​ What areas need tending?
This can be called "anchoring" or grounding our space.

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Step 2.
Take Inspired Action.


Each day of the week is dedicated to a specific area in which we will taking action and/or being mindful while keeping our vision in mind.  This can mean anything at all. This gets the energy moving in our space and in our life. Tending the soil in slow drips, daily, consistently. 

This is the practice.


Step 3.
Surrender to Outcome.


When we release expectations, we make room for the magic.  This is not an outcome-based approach to our physical environment, but a "way of being" approach. Wander your path. Be present to its offerings. Explore. Appreciate. Notice.

Movement in our homes creates movement in our lives. Intention creates magic. By using the Homewheel as our home and well-being blueprint, and by taking slow and steady daily action in our space, we take the pressure off ourselves for "not doing enough" at home. There's no guilt. There's no overwhelm. There's only a path. We want to grow and move and expand into the highest, and truest version of ourselves, but do so with the self-compassion that says we are enough, right now, as we are. By tending to our environment slowly and methodically, we create consistency and habit. Prioritizing our self-care becomes a natural by-product of our life at home. We clear the path for change and growth. And we may,  in the most unexpected moment,  just so happen to find our heart.